10 DIY IKEA KARLBY desks for your inspiration

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With millions of employees working from home indefinitely due to the Covid-19 pandemic, having a beautiful, spacious workspace has never been more important. If you're looking to setup a great-looking and functional desk on a budget, IKEA offers a wide and popular range of desk components that you can mix and match including countertops, drawers, and table legs. For more details about what to consider when setting up your custom IKEA desk, checkout our Ultimate Guide to Building Your DIY IKEA Desk.

The KARLBY Countertop

IKEA KARLBY countertop in walnut, 74 inches long

Among the many workspaces we curate here at RemoteSetups, the IKEA KARLBY is one of the most popular countertops for DIY desk setups. This countertop comes in a variety of materials and sizes, including birch (lightest), oak (medium), and walnut (darkest) finishes, each with a length of either 74 or 98 inches long.

Benefits of the KARLBY

Here are some of our favorite things about the IKEA KARLBY countertop:

  • Beautiful butcher block aesthetic at a reasonable price due to its wood veneer construction
  • Very sturdy feel
  • Relatively lightweight which makes transport easier
  • Offered in a variety of wood finishes and lengths

IKEA's Wood Veneer Construction Method

The KARLBY uses a wood veneer construction method, where a thin outer layer of hardwood is bonded to a thicker, particleboard base on the inside. This wood veneer approach makes the KARLBY a great economical choice for your workspace when compared to solid wood. IKEA's wood veneer approach produces a countertop that is more cost effective, more stable, more resistant to humidity, and better for the environment than solid wood, while being every bit as genuine. With the same amount of wood required to make one solid wood countertop, five thick wood veneer countertops can be produced, making much better use of precious natural resources.

10 Examples of DIY IKEA KARLBY Desk Setups

With these benefits, its easy to understand why the KARLBY would be among the most popular countertops for any DIY IKEA desk setup. Without further ado, here are 10 of our favorite workspaces made with the IKEA KARLBY on RemoteSetups:

1. Tech YouTuber's Sit/Stand Setup by @thisisetv

2. 43 inch Ultrawide setup by u/ilovenyc

3. Ultimate home office setup by u/MellonDev

4. Nature meets technology setup by u/Digital_Reaction

5. Monster curved ultrawide setup by u/elisiX

6. Serene Ultrawide setup by u/ItsMehRuby

7. Sweet 3D wall setup by u/gionrsx

8. Cozy rustic setup by u/ustolemymarbles

9. Clean DIY desk setup by u/domlawcab

10. Epic Star Wars Themed Setup by u/spicymochi