5 Best Desks Under $100 To Level Up Your Home Workspace

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With the global pandemic causing millions of professionals and students to work and study from home for the foreseeable future, optimizing your home workspace has suddenly become top of mind. There's a good chance your family members are also doing homework and meetings at home, making it a great time to add some additional dedicated desk space to free up that kitchen table.

A desk serves as the core of any productivity setup so its important that you choose a sturdy, high quality desk with that also looks great and inspires creativity in your work.

Luckily, there are many aesthetic, high quality desks out there that don't cost a fortune. To save you money and time, we've put together a short list of the best desks under $100. Our list emphasizes sturdy, high quality, minimal desks that offer ample space for your work, so look no further.

1. Simple Industrial Desk by Coavas (Amazon)

39" x 20" | Easy to assemble | Modern industrial aesthetic

Simple Industrial Desk by Coavas from Amazon

A top rated choice on Amazon, the Coavas Simple Industrial Desk looks great in any space with its modern industrial black and brown aesthetic. What makes this desk stand out is its incredibly easy assembly which requires no tools at all. You can assemble this desk in less than 5 minutes by simply unfolding the frame and then snapping the tabletop in place on top. This ease of assembly and disassembly makes storage or moving with this desk a breeze. At 39 inches by 20 inches, this desk provides ample space for an external monitor and a bit of storage.


56" x 20" | Drawer storage | Cable management | Scandinavian design | Workspace for two


A long-time bestseller in IKEA's lineup, the IKEA MICKE desk offers a classic Scandinavian aesthetic that fits in with the style of just about any home. At 56 inches by 20 inches, this long tabletop offers sufficient room for two people to work side-by-side or provides a very spacious single desk setup. Like many IKEA products, there is a bit of assembly involved so you will want to budget about an hour to put this desk together. During the assembly process, you can choose to mount the solid and open legs on either side to suit your space. We love the extra storage space provided by the drawers and the built in cable management with a cutout and hidden shelf in the back for holding a power strip.


59" x 29.5" | Spacious | Customizable | Scandinavian design


The IKEA LINNMON / ODDVALD combo is just one of many possible configurations of IKEA's Table Bar System. The cost-effective Table Bar System encompasses a variety of countertops, drawers, legs, and trestles that can be mixed and matched with different colors to build your unique workstation. We love the modern, unique look that the trestle supports give the desk and you can easily add a board across their bottom to create a shelf for additional storage. As the most spacious desk on our list, you'll appreciate the expansive countertop which is great for a dual monitor setup.

4. IKEA INGO Table, pine

47" x 29.5" | Solid wood | Versatile | Easy to assemble

IKEA INGO Table, pine

Frequently used as a dining table, the IKEA INGO table also makes an excellent desk. We love its stylish natural wood aesthetic, but if you want to make it your own, the real wood is easy to customize with paint. Made of solid wood, the INGO is sturdy, easy to assemble, and its simple appearance makes it great for not only a desk but also a dining table or crafting table.

5. Room Essentials Adjustable Storage Desk Black (Target)

43" x 19" | Adjustable shelves | Ample storage | Metal frame

Room Essentials Adjustable Storage Desk Black from Target

Last but not least, the Room Essentials Adjustable Storage Desk from Target is a sleek desk that offers open storage underneath. Its metal frame makes it plenty sturdy and its espresso brown color gives it a minimal appearance that fits into any workspace or den. We love the adjustable shelves which can be moved up or down for customized storage.

We hope this short list helps you to narrow down the search for your perfect budget desk. While you wait for your new desk to arrive, check out our setups page for more inspiration on how you can setup your work space for optimal productivity and aesthetics.