How to prevent your DIY Ikea desk from bending

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DIY Ikea desk setup by u/domlawcab

Custom desk setups created by mixing and matching IKEA components like countertops, legs and trestles are a popular approach to build an elegant, functional, and cost-effective desk.

Depending on the length and thickness of your countertop, you may find your countertop slightly bending near the midpoint due to the weight of items on your desk like multiple monitors.

Here are some solutions to prevent your countertop from flexing.

Regency Stiffener for 60" Table Tops

The Regency Stiffener for 60" Table Tops from Amazon is a simple metal V-Channel segment that easily mounts to the underside of your desk with just a few screws. At 46 inches long, this stiffener is the perfect length to support one of the many 74 inch long IKEA countertops supported by two IKEA ALEX Drawer Units.

Regency Stiffener for 60" Table Tops from Amazon

Adding a Middle Leg for Support

If you're building an even larger desk setup (possibly using one of the 98 inch long IKEA countertops), then another approach to add even more support is to place a leg under the midpoint of your desk. There are several options with this approach depending on the height of your desk.

If you are using any of the 27.5 inch tall IKEA desk supports like the ALEX drawer unit or one of the many IKEA Trestle units, then the fixed-height IKEA ADILS Leg is compatible with your setup. The ADILS Leg is super cheap and can easily be screwed into the bottom of your countertop.


To accomodate a wider range of desk heights, IKEA also offers the OLOV Adjustable Leg. The OLOV can accomodate heights from 23⅝-35⅜ inches and easily screws into the bottom of your countertop.

OLOV Adjustable Leg from IKEA

Here's an example of the OLOV Leg in action:

Desk setup with center leg support by u/Lightpink87wagon